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Why the name change?

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

In 2012 at the age of 20 I began my photography journey by being hired by a family friend to photograph their wedding in Mexico, at this time I didn't even own a nice camera. (They really had faith in me).

It went GREAT, but I knew I had a lot of practicing to do. I quickly named my business Moments 2 Remember Photography. I have had countless sessions and have met multiple families, seniors, couples, etc. along the way. I have taken numerous courses, attended in person workshops and spent ALOT of money on equipment and gear!

Through out my 8 years on this journey of starting, building and owning my photography business I have so many amazing people supporting my passion! I would not be where I am today with out all of you!

Fast forward to 2020. I am 8 years into this journey and decided my business needed a name change and a business rebrand! This decision to take my baby of 8 years and change it has been something I have wanted all year! I decided that my business needed to mature like I have over my years!

So yes, I changed it to Meta + Co. Photography (pronounced Meda and Co.). This name change came with the intent of honoring my biggest supporters! My dear Grandma passed away this past year in 2020 and she along side my Grandpa and family were and are my BIGGERST SUPPORTERS! I decided to change my name to Meta in honor of my Grandma. Her middle name is Metha (pronounced Meda). The Co. abbreviated for company to represent my Grandpa and family members who have supported me along the way! My Grandma was the person who pushed me to get better and to practice my art, she made sure that I always had someone to bounce ideas off of, and loved watching my photography grow. She would be so eager to see my sessions whether they were edited or not! My Grandma, Grandpa and family would go out of their way to help me any way they could! I want to honor my Grandma in a way she would be proud, with my family at heart!

Although this will be an adjustment to get used to, I hope you are all just as excited about my new journey as I am!

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